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Working closely with the mentors, each team undertakes a design project. This may involve a new or remodeled structure that can be sited on the team’s own high school campus.

In a recent year, the "ACE Regional Transit Authority" (ARTA) issued a Request For Proposal to each of our teams. A light rail system was proposed to join all ACE-Los Angeles high school campuses. Each team designed a transit station and related facilities to fit among the structures on its own high school site. Scale models were built and budgets prepared. All were displayed at the annual public spring student presentation event.

Our program includes other activities that expose young people to the challenges, opportunities and rewards of the design and construction professions. (For dates of specific events discussed in this text, see View the Calendar in the box on the right.

These activities include:

  • Visits to professional office and construction sites.
  • Competitions in the designing, building and load-testing of simple structures.
  • "Trade Days" when students get hands-on instruction at apprentice training schools for the skilled construction trades.

Students graduating from high school and active in ACE’s Los Angeles program can compete for three different types of scholarships as noted below. To qualify for them, a student must study Architecture, Construction, Engineering or a related discipline, involved with the design and construction of buildings or civil infrastructure. Participation in an organized apprenticeship program in the building trades is also acceptable.

  • Scholarships funded by the general resources of our Los Angeles affiliate, usually at $1,000 per year. Application forms are available to high school seniors through each mentor team leader in January. If ACE-Los Angeles resources permit and the student meets specific conditions, some scholarships are renewed in upper-class college years. Renewal forms are available in September. We have distributed locally over a half million dollars of scholarships.
  • ACE National scholarships, several of which have gone to Los Angeles area students. These vary in size depending on the donor. Application forms are posted (usually in January) on the ACE national website. Award history for recent years is on the national website www.ACEmentor.org
  • Scholarships sponsored by local clubs, societies or universities. These change each year. Check with your mentor team leader.
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