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High school students in the Raleigh/Durham area can now benefit from a nationwide program designed to introduce them to the wide range of career opportunities open to young people in architecture, construction, engineering, and related areas of the building design and construction industry.

At weekly meetings, student teams work directly with professionals from leading area firms, who volunteer their time to mentor the teams as they design hypothetical projects, tour local construction sites, and visit architectural, engineering and construction offices.

For students, it’s a unique chance to discover and develop new skills, solidify future goals and get on track to exciting, rewarding careers. In addition, many students form positive relationships with industry professionals who can provide important references for obtaining college admissions, scholarships, internships and full-time employment.


Students in the ACE program typically work closely with their mentors on projects that provide hands-on experience in solving the types of design, engineering and construction challenges industry professionals confront every day.

The teams often learn how to use advanced computerized tools, such as AutoCAD, while special exercises and activities illustrate the industry’s demand for young people skilled in math, physics, economics, art and other disciplines.

Many ACE affiliates culminate their program year with special events at which teams present their concepts to mentors, families, teachers and community leaders.

2016-2017 Project Description

"A developer has hired your design-build company to plan and construct a new cottage court in Raleigh, North Carolina. A cottage court is a group of small houses centered around a common open space or courtyard. The purpose of the development is to create 1 community-oriented neighborhoods with sustainable and affordable housing options.” Read more…

2015-2016 Project Description

“A dream client has approached your design team and is giving you the opportunity to add to the burgeoning tech boom in Downtown Raleigh. All that they request is that you create the absolute best place to work in America... all while keeping the project viable, financially sound, realistic in scope, while also adhering to city/historic district codes/restrictions, height limitations, etc. Sounds simple right?” Read more…

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