ACE Scholarships

Each year, ACE offers scholarships to seniors who are committed to pursuing construction-related careers in college. Thanks to  support from many leading firms in Portland's construction industry, the ACE Mentor Program of Oregon was able to award a total of $75,000 in scholarships to 16 students last year.
(For application instructions, see How to Apply below.)

Congratulations to our 2017 ACE scholarship winners:


  • Jessica Howell, Tigard High School
  • Gavin Macpherson, Central Catholic High School
  • Aubrey Moore, Lincoln High School


  • Julia Andrus, Grant High School
  • Nancy Barroso-Reyes, Roosevelt High School
  • Hilary Chaimov, Lincoln High School
  • Ross Miho, Jefferson High School
  • Jose Sanchez, Glencoe High School


  • Shauna Anderson, Sherwood High School
  • Hailey Chrisman, Rex Putnam High School
  • Christian Nieto, Jefferson High School
  • Elizabeth Rainville, Rex Putnam High School
  • Julia Richards, Clackamas High School
  • Edgar Santos-Quintero, De La Salle North Catholic High School
  • Luis Soto-Nampula, Parkrose High School
  • Henok Techeste, Lincoln High School

Thanks to generous sponsorships from the Andersen Construction Foundation and an anonymous donor, we were also able to send four juniors to the regional ACE Summer Camp at the University of Colorado Denver.

Congratulations to the students selected for the ACE Summer Camp:

  • Audrey Collins, Grant High School
  • Hunter Enz, Colton High School
  • Colin Klein, Grant High School
  • Ashley Ulberg, Tualatin High School


How to Apply

In order to be eligible to apply for a 2018 ACE Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a Senior in High School, graduating in Spring 2018.
  • You will complete the 2017-2018 ACE Mentor Program.
  • You are pursuing higher education in a field of study related to ACE (architecture, construction, engineering, or related disciplines).
  • You must complete and submit all parts of your ACE Scholarship Application before the deadline.

To complete the ACE Scholarship application, you will need to:

1) Complete the Online Scholarship Application on the ACE website.
IMPORTANT: For the additional essay section, please explain what it would mean to you if you received a scholarship, and include anything else that you wish to share with the scholarship committee.

2) Ask your Mentor Captain to submit your Mentor Evaluation Form.
Mentor Captains should send completed forms directly to Kristen. Students do NOT need a Mentor Letter of Recommendation (even if the online application asks for it).

3) Obtain a completed Letter of Recommendation from a school teacher or counselor.
ASK EARLY to give your teachers time to complete their letter of recommendation. Letters received after the deadline will not be counted. Letters can be attached to your online application or sent directly to Kristen.

4) Obtain an Academic Transcript from your high school.
Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. Transcripts can be attached to your online application or sent directly to Kristen.

5) Submit all documents before the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.
Scan/email: kristen(at)portlandworkforcealliance.org
or mail: ACE Mentor Program
7100 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97206

Application Timeline:

  • ACE Scholarship Application info will be shared at the mid-term review sessions in mid-March.
  • More info and detailed instructions will be sent to ACE seniors via email after the mid-terms.
  • The scholarship deadline will be in mid or late April.
  • Scholarship winners are announced at the final presentations.

Read the ACE Scholarship Terms for more info.
(Students do NOT have to complete this form at this time. Only scholarship winners are required to submit this form after the final presentations to accept their scholarship funds.)

Please feel free to contact Kristen if you have any questions.


Other Scholarships

There are often other scholarships that give preference to ACE students and alumni. Partners have included the Home Builders Foundation, U.S. Green Building Council, Society for Marketing Professional Services, and more.

Applications and deadlines vary depending on the scholarship. ACE Portland staff will send out information via email once applications become available.

ACE National also has a list of scholarships on their Students tab, including a list of 20 national organizations and firms offering scholarships for high school students and ACE alumni in college.

Congratulations to our alumni who won additional scholarships through ACE:

  • 2015 ACE/Milgard Award (Home Builders Foundation) - Bethany Woods, 2015 ACE alumna
  • 2015 Caliber Excellence Award (Home Builders Foundation) - Claudia Monroy-Benitez, 2015 ACE alumna
  • 2015 Greenbuild Conference Scholarship (US Green Building Council) - Elona Wilson, 2014 ACE alumna
  • 2014 Greenbuild Conference Scholarship (US Green Building Council) - Siriane Lawless, 2011 ACE alumna
  • 2014 ACE/Milgard Award (Home Builders Foundation) - Alexa Thornton, 2014 ACE alumna
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