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ACE 2021 Yearbook


ACE Research Brochure


ACE Student Brochure,
English version

(560KB PDF)
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Benefits of the
ACE Mentor Program

(469KB PDF)
Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor ACE

ACE 2019-20 Fact Sheet
ACE Mentor Fact Sheet
(976KB PDF)


ACE In Their Own Words Cover.png
In Their Own Words
(74KB PDF)
ACE Student Recruitment Poster Cvr.png
Student Recruitment Poster
(3.0MB PDF)
ACE Diversity 2019 Cvr.png
ACE Engages Diverse + Underserved Students

(1.1MB PDF)

Architecture Brochure for Emailing
(2.1MB PDF)

Architecture Brochure for Printing on Copier
(5.1MB PDF)

Architecture Brochure for Professional Printing (full-page bleed)
(5.1MB PDF)



Engineering Brochure for Emailing

Engineering Brochure for Printing on Copier
(6.4MB PDF)

Engineering Brochure for Professional Printing (full-page bleed)
(6.4MB PDF)


ACE Construction Brochure Cov.png

Construction Brochure for Emailing

Construction Brochure for Printing on Copier

Construction Brochure for Professional Printing (full-page bleed)
(5.1MB PDF)


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