Hank Harris

President & Managing Director, FMI Corporation

Hank Harris is president and managing director of FMI, management consultants to the construction industry. He works with industry firms to improve their management practices. Hankis responsible for the management of all of FMI’s services to the marketplace. He primarily works for firms in matters of organization, strategic planning, and the execution of strategic plans through mergers and acquisitions.

Hank understands the industry from a unique perspective. His background with regional building, real estate, and development organizations provides him with a practical approach, while his extensive activities in management education and consulting provide him with an objective viewpoint. Hank has consulted to a variety of industry players, and his advice is sought by engineering, contracting, EPC, and architectural firms.

Experience in conducting seminars and speaking nationally, coupled with an enthusiastic style, makes Hank an effective and highly regarded speaker. He delivers his material so that it applies directly to the way industry professionals do business.

Some of Hank’s published articles include “Taking Control of Your Company’s Future with Successful Negotiating,” “Make Every Hiring Decision Count,” “Tuning Up Your Project Management Procedures,” “Improving Your Profits Through Margin Aggression,” and “Hiring the Best and Brightest.” He has written two books on the application of strategic planning to managing construction-industry firms.

Hank has a bachelor of science degree with a concentration in marketing from the University of Richmond and a master of business administration degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is a certified management consultant and a member of the American Arbitration Association.