San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area FAQs

Q. I’m a student and registered online at the beginning of the school year. I still haven’t heard anything. Does that mean I wasn’t accepted? 

A. Our SF Bay Area affiliate teams start later than many others across the country – we start in January.  This means in the fall, many of our mentor teams are still forming, confirming details and setting up schedules.  As a result, there may be some delay in receiving information from team leaders, so thank you for your patience.  If you do have any pressing questions or are concerned that you haven’t been contacted, please feel free to reach out to the Regional Leaders listed on our webpage.

Q. I’m a high school student interested in participating, but do I have to join the team closest to my school? Can I request to attend a different team? 

A. Yes, you are free to join any team within the SF Bay Area affiliate.  It is up to you to get to the team sessions regularly and on time, so if some other team location or meeting day interests you, please make note of it in your application.

Q. I didn’t learn about your program until much later in the spring and your teams have already started. Can I still join and just attend whatever remaining sessions there are? 

A. All of our teams generally follow a policy of not accepting new students after their third sessions in order to ensure every student can get the most out of the program.  Students typically work on long-term group projects and also qualify for scholarships, summer camp programs, and the like based on their participation throughout the 15 sessions.  You will likely be asked to sign up for the following year if you apply too late.

Q. Do you have a cut-off for numbers of students that can join a team? 

A. All of our teams have their own policy or capacity based on their meeting location and number of mentors participating.  You should be informed by the team leaders if the team you wish to join is full.  The team leader will let you know if there is an alternative team option available.

Q. Since this program is voluntary, can I just show up to whatever sessions I want to depending on the topics that interest me? 

A. We ask that all students carefully consider schedule availability to attend all sessions before signing up.  To be considered as having successfully completed a program, you should ensure you can attend at least 80 percent of the sessions.  We understand unexpected things come up and some absences are unavoidable, in which case we ask all students to communicate to their team leaders and mentors ahead of time to let them know if they cannot attend a session. 

Q. Some of your teams meet at schools and I don’t attend that school. Can I still join that team? 

A. Yes.  Meetings that are held in schools are open to students from any high school.

Q. The SF Bay Area affiliate page has a scholarship application section, and the main ACE National page has a scholarship application packet. Are they the same? 

A. No.  If you are an active high school senior with one of our SF Bay Area teams and want to apply for our scholarship program, you must use the one we post in our affiliate section.  We have slightly different requirements from those in the ACE National package.