San Francisco Bay Area

SF Bay Area Teams

To learn more about teams in a specific region, please contact our Regional Council Leaders. For details about a specific team, please download the 2019/2020 Council Leader and Team Leader List for Team Leaders' contact information and additional meeting details. Our Bay Area teams are currently planning their schedules and confirming meeting locations. Anticipated start dates for the Bay Area teams can be found on the Team List link.

San Francisco Teams

San Francisco Regional Council Leaders: Michael Payne

SF-1 Location:   Gensler, 45 Fremont St., Floor 15, Meets Tuesdays, 4pm-6pm; starts 1/21/20
SF-2 Location:   WSP, 425 Market Street, 17th floor, Meets Thursdays, 4pm-6pm; starts 1/23/20
SF-3 Location:   Mithun, 660 Market St., #300, Meets Wednesdays, 4pm-6pm; starts 1/22/20

Oakland Teams

Oakland Regional Council Leader: Tom Scott

Oak-1 Location:   EBMUD, 375-11th St., Oakland, Meets Wednesdays; starts 1/15/20
Oak-4 Location:   TBD


San Jose Regional Council Leader: Hugh King

SJ-1 Location:   TBD, Meets Tuesdays; starts 1/2020
SJ-2 Location:   Independence High School, San Jose, starts 1/2020
SJ-3 Location:   Yerba Buena High School, San Jose, starts 1/2020

Peninsula Teams

Peninsula Regional Council Leaders: Valerie Tam and Cynthia Muñoz

PEN-1 Location:   FGY Architects, 81 Encinca Ave., Palo Alto, Meets Tuesdays, 5pm-7pm; starts 1/14/20
PEN-2 Location:   Design Tech High School, Redwood City (March 17-March 27 Intersession - only for Design Tech students)

Contra Costa Teams

Contra Costa Regional Council Leader: Ron Zuccaro

CC-1 Location:   Ygnacio Valley High School, Meets Wednesday, starts 1/15/20

Solano/Vallejo Team

Solano/Vallejo Regional Council Leader: Ron Zuccaro

Sol-1 Location:   TBD

Marin Teams

Marin Regional Council Leader: Ron Zuccaro

Marin-1 Location:   TBD