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Our board is comprised of local industry leaders who make a significant contribution to our affiliate. We are grateful for their continuing support.
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Founded in 2002 with support from the Construction Careers Center, the ACE Mentor Program of St. Louis helps the city’s high school young people learn more about potential careers in architecture, engineering and construction.

Working in teams under the guidance of professionals from local firms, students take field trips to construction sites, visit the offices of industry professionals and tour local colleges.

They also work on projects that relate what industry professionals do to “real-world” situations, giving program participants an opportunity to experience first hand the excitement and rewards available to those who transform their ideas from abstract concepts into the buildings, bridges and other constructions that make up the world in which we live.

In addition, the affiliate provides financial assistance in the form of internships to students pursuing a course of study leading to a career in the building industry.

Our Projects

In 2006-2007, our students did more than a project; they provided a much needed community service. In response to a request from the Missouri Humane Society, program participants designed dog houses for pets currently living without shelter.

To meet the society’s requirements, the houses had to fit dogs of three different sizes, be constructed entirely of donated materials and be readily transportable to various locations. From the three design options students created, one was chosen for further refinement and construction at the Construction Careers Center. After manufacturing, the houses were donated free of charge to the pets’ owners.

In addition to working on their projects, students visited architectural, engineering and construction management offices. They were also introduced to various trade and professional educational opportunities and to the availability of internships at the local parks department.

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