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Why mentor?

By mentoring you will be contributing to workforce development efforts and helping young people gain a firsthand experience of the dynamic career potential our industry offers while fostering their work ethic and the skills they will bring to your business. In our recent survey most all of our mentors agreed that they had gained both professionally and personally from the experience. The data included the most frequently cited benefits as:

Professional Benefits

  • Extended professional network.
  • Learned how to better present technical concepts to lay audiences 43% Gained greater understanding of A-E-C industry outside my field
  • Strengthened presentation and communication skills
  • Allowed me to develop or hone my leadership skills

Personal Benefits

  • Pleasure in sharing my passion for my industry/career
  • Enjoyment of working with young people
  • Satisfaction helping young people explore careers in ways I never experienced
  • Gratification that I may be helping some students overcome challenging circumstances

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