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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How many students will be making the presentation(s)?

A. Only one student will make the actual presentation, using only the boards sent in as the entry for support.

Q. How long will each presentation be in the different rounds?

A. The student will have approximately (15) minutes for his/her presentation, including questions from the judges.


Q. Will the awards/prizes be distributed at the event in Washington, DC?

A. The top three national winning teams will be presented with trophies. The actual monetary prizes will be handled through the ACE National office and distributed approximately a month after the actual competition (the funds being provided by CIRT).

Q. Are the monetary awards earmarked or specified for a specific purpose?

A. No, CIRT intends for the funds to be used for the purposes, goals, and needs of each Affiliate as that organization sees fit . . . and does not direct where that is most appropriate. The check or actual funds will be sent to the Affiliate (as opposed to the team).

Q. Is there some help with off-setting the cost of attending the national presentation rounds in Washington, DC?

A. Yes, CIRT will allow a stipend of up to $1,000 per team to help off-set expenses that are incurred to travel to Washington, DC. Funds will be distributed as a reimbursement once all the individual team forms and receipts are received and approved by CIRT.

It is our strongest desire to make this experience a most enjoyable and special time for the teams and all who participate in the 2019 CIRT National Design & Construction Competition.

Please contact Mark Casso; or Jane Bonvillain if you have additional questions or
need clarification on any of the above FAQs

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