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Five Frederick MD ACE Teams Propose Plans for a Memorial Park

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Our board is comprised of local industry leaders who make a significant contribution to our affiliate. We are grateful for their continuing support.

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Area Internships

Since our beginning in 2005, the ACE Mentor Program of Frederick Maryland takes a "hands-on approach to helping students learn about careers in architecture, construction, engineering and related professions."

The program, which runs during the school year, is open to any high school student interested in learning more about a career in the building industry. Typically, meetings are held every two weeks for two hours after school at the offices of one of the sponsoring companies. Using a variety of engaged learning approaches, the program involves students in activities that help them build skills they can carry over to school subjects, such as graphic design, art, math and engineering. At the same time, these activities give them a strong foundation on which to base future careers.

The key to the success of the program is the support and efforts of the mentors. Mentors are professionals in the industry who willingly share their knowledge of the industry and passion for their work with students who are eager to learn more about careers within the architecture, construction and engineering communities. For students, it’s a unique chance to discover and develop new skills, solidify future goals and get on track to exciting, rewarding careers. In addition, many students form positive relationships with industry professionals who can provide important references for obtaining college admissions, scholarships, internships and full-time employment.

The heart of this program is its focus on projects that simulate real-world situations. Through these projects, teams of students under the mentorship of industry professionals transform their ideas from abstract concepts into concrete solutions.

The result is a comprehensive "everyday" look at what architects, engineers, and contractors do to create the kinds of buildings in which we live, work, and play.


ACE Frederick uses a range of creative activities to introduce students to careers in the building industry.

During the 15-session program, the teams visit a construction site, hear talks by industry experts and work with guest mentors. They create detailed architectural drawings using advanced computerized tools such as AutoCAD, develop construction schedules, equipment and labor lists, budgets and other materials necessary to define and articulate their project solutions. These activities illustrate the industry’s demand for young people skilled in math, physics, economics, art and other disciplines.

At the end of the program, the teams present their solutions at an awards ceremony attended by local business, government and educational leaders; students’ families and friends; and teachers, counselors and mentors. At the ceremony, scholarships are awarded and recognition certificates distributed.


If you’d like to experience ACE’s challenges, opportunities and rewards for yourself, just contact the ACE leader listed in the upper right-hand corner of this page.


The ACE Mentor Program of Frederick has open positions for both Board of Directors and Associate Board Member Positions! Join us!


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